The Stan is an old Factory that has been cleaned and made safe for the use of running events.  Here at Skirmish Airsoft we take your experience very seriously.


On site you will find clean toilets and a secure safe zone that is manned at all times during game days, making you safe in the knowledge that your kit can be left safe and sound.


There will be some power on site and this means some facility for battery charging, however this is limited so please make sure you charge your batteries ready for game day.


We stock Blaster 0.20g and 0.25g gram BB's with a small selection of glasses, face mesh and gas.


We also have a confectionary stall with a selection of fizzy and still drinks, coffee, tea and various chocolate bars. Pot Noodles will also be available for lunchtime.


The Site runs a strict single shot only policy and the max FPS is 350, with no exceptions....!!